A Place of Refuge

Art is an accident going somewhere to happen?

your inner voice.com is a direct result of what happens when crisis strikes and that's a good thing.

Are we business as usual or are we different? There is no question about the difference because we are free! And as long as God gives us strengh, we will remain free. Stroll with us in the spirit?

Free of what: Free of all the societal inhibitions. You do know we live in a very unforgiven society. Well, we are on the opposite side of the coin. We do not rehabilitate, that's a personal thing. But act and offer a place of refuge for those who do. What abou home economics, we used to teach that? Now, economic meltdown, turmoil stands at our doors.

A refuge place in times of crisis, would you build it or destroy it?

Further, we work to be a clean, safe, and secure place in times of disaster. I really enjoy working with disaster relief units. I thank them for saving my life. LOVE IS THE ANSWER, ANY WAY YOU CAN GET IT! “Strolled with us in Spirit”

When it comes to "hard times" I do not think anyone know better than I?

Don't tell me you can go by looks. Anger, Anxiety, hatred, hunger, Inflation, Recession and Depression A natural disaster is a welcome sight, in view of man-made ones!

your inner voice.com is a place of refuge. You can see all these emotions played out here. No shame in my game.

I really think they have to do with sex, in one way or another. in other words love.. The problem is most are in denial and keep their real opinion bottled up. Then they want to fool you about money, power, jobs... When it all boils down and you have got the right partner on your side, who cares about what others are doing?

Open minded, nonjudgmental and seeks like-minded individuals. Remember, this website is a means of release.

A place of refuge in times of crisis. We do not make you the victim, but victor. Now, can you hold on?

You can't sleep here, but you can become a stronger person, in times of crisis. Don't let your crisis push you into doing something stupid. If so, you are no better than the person you did it to. Would a shoot out work? From where did the idea of dueling come?

There has got to be a better way.

I know we all get angry and we know anger causes an out of body experience. So why don't we try heading anger off at the path, not people, but anger?

Scolding or a good chat? “Strolled with us in Spirit”,

(((your inner voice.com)))


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