Relationships without a Relationship

Relationships without relationship?

Are a hard act to follow?

That is a bitter pill to swallow. It is a bridge you fail to cross. No matter how great they look from the outside, nobody can tell me relationships are easy, for I can look around and see. To have long lasting relationships take alot of hardwork and dedication, most do not have and not willing to give.

I have been involved in several relationships, without ever understanding the internal workings of the individual with whom I was involved. Do you ever? If they did not start good, why would I have got involved?

This problem is revealed when you reach an obstacle both or any combination thereof fail to get over. The time factor maybe early or late, but it is never right on time. If it was right on time, your relationship would not have come to an end.

How do you handle these obstacles? Oh well, I will just pick up the next one? These kind of people and mentality are scary. What if our country was that way? Who would be a citizen? Nobody would get along or have any sense of belonging. Is that the way it is?

People talk of ways to avoid this happening in relationships, so we try all kind of stuff, most of which prolongs the inevitable.

It all depends on what you want out of your relationship? What you want out of your relationship is normally disguised by an abstract sense of values. A good example is my marriage. Initially, I wanted all the good and wholesome things I had seen and heard. But as our relationship took shape, I had to readjust. I didn’t get married to have children or abortions or a sick wife… I do not think we were married long enough for all those thoughts to materialize in my mind. But that does not mean my wife hadn’t. Consequently, we built a bridge we could not cross.

So exactly how much information should you keep secret or share before engaging into a relationship? That question is like asking how do you have a relationship, without a relationship? So what if your husband now enjoys truck driving and your wife is a Preacher… How much in common do you really have? Is there safety and security just in knowing you’re married? Does the profession matter that much? Okay, what if one is a high profile drug dealer and the other a school teacher or a CEO and a housewife?

Do you ever think about them having all the fun while you go about the process of being a loving and devoted partner alone? All day they are embracing multiple partners, while you are beating them off. You know the Devil never sleeps.

Open relationship is what some people may call these, but the question remains, for what are you open and then afterwards, what is next? Being relationships are living breathing creatures, this will always be the question.

Why even concern yourself with the conditions of a relationship when you do not want the whole relationship? Why enter into a relationship when you are not going to do everything in your power to maintain the whole relatonship? Why not allow natural processes to run its course?

When someone tells you about relationships without a relationship or open relationships, they want to do you like they want to do you.

Ask them, "what will be your responsibility and role"? Ask these questions before you enter into relationships. Ask about their goals, objectives and responsibilities? When they do not have an answer and you have explained and they still fail to respond, THEN YOU KNOW.

People who want a relationship without being in relationship only wants what's good for them. A hard act to follow.

(((your inner

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