Reparations for Black People in America

MLK 2010

An era of greed and irresponsibility that sowed the seeds of its own demise.

Reparations for Black people in America will have to be granted -willingly or unwillingly. They are mandatory, however you can help stop the suffering by taking the initiative to right your own wrongs.

It is the same as with any person or people who so blatantly and inhumanly mistreated innocent men, women and children; and for how long. You can not mistreat anyone and expect it to be swept under the carpet. You can not just expect “your problems” to mysteriously go away. Reparations, for what has been done and is still going on, is not a problem for the oppressed people, as much as it is a problem for the oppressors. You will pay! And that is not Art saying it. It is a fact of life, no crime goes unpunished.

Here is the problem and nobody is holding any grudges, you did it, you fail to admit it and you are trying to hide from it, so when did it stop. “It” is going to get you. It only stands to reason that reparations are to the survivors. Of your own volition, you can make amends and hope for the best or you can keep doing what you are doing and get what you have got coming to you. It is coming! No amount of money can undo what you did, but if you are more in love with your money than you are your soul, I am sure you fully understand the consequences of your racist intentions, state of denial and decline to show remorse. All of which boils down to hatred. And in your hatred you will no find peace.

Doing something so unthinkable to another human being, out of hatred, will be your greatest fear? Every time you say your prayers or think on confessing any of your wrong doings...? You are so smart, why can’t you figure that? You can dish it out, but you can not take it?

Be reminded of the holocaust. What’s the difference? Not only are white Americans responsible for reparations to Black Americans, but you are also responsible for reparations to Native Americans. Nobody has forgotten, how could you? It ain’t hard to figure. It is a long overdue debt you must pay. You expect to be forgiven, but you are unwilling to forgive. How long do you "think" you can keep getting away? Reparations would be a first step in saving yourselves and reconciling differences with the people you victimized. How can "we" move forward if you refuse?

And for black people and native Americans, whether you think you deserve it or not, your suffering will not be in vain. Remain firm in your resolve and the principles of nonviolence, despite being threatened. Believe in the promise of democracy; in America's constant ability to remake itself. Unite people of all colors in the quest for freedom.

Dr. King said, "We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope."

You will receive reparations and if their hearts are not changed, just as with any other man, they will get what they showed -- No Mercy!

Human Resilience?

your inner,,,For a better looking tomorrow.

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