Getting Results


Are there any better at this than I? What does it take? Do you really care enough? How much do you need You?

Are you looking for tangible results? Then, you might want to look again!

For what kind of results are you looking? I find most of us have a great result in mind but the way we go about getting them is treachous. We do not want to take an active part or to perservere in the process and by doing so, we limit ourselves in other ways.

I would like not to smoke too much but the more nervous I get the more I smoke, the more health risks and at my age, every little thing is critical. We want to have better sex, but. There's always that "but".

I want to have a better life, But? I want a farm but? We want a miracle but not willing to do what we can for ourselves.

What are spiritual weapons? Which ones do you have at your disposal?

It sounds simple, but if you are honest with yourself, it's probably one of the hardest things for you to do. Almost all of you would find physical labor, hard work, intense action, more taxing than an hour a day in focused, desperate meditation. We just don't care enough.

In the spiritual realm it is simple and requires bringing your full mind and actions inline and taking on a spirit nature. For unknown reasons, most of us are not even willing to do that to save ourselves, but we'll go to church.

What about your whole heart and effort? Desperation is-knowing how much you need you.

Please remember life and living is not a work of the flesh. It's the spirit of nature for which we all are striving. You don't need to feel there is some new level of spiritual desperation you must attain. Simply, it's all up to You.

What can I do to make my life more enjoyable? Ask in prayer and persevere in prayer in order to get results.

(((your inner

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