Rich People Belly-Aching

Slugfest 2009, The Haves versus The Have Nots

Rich People, the elite and wealth-minded individuals with tremendous wealth and power, like the 545 people or so who run America. Those who feel their accumulation of wealth has made them a cut above.

What are you belly-aching about and why?

My entire life, I have heard and felt the plight of "the poor". Poor people have been crying, and I think justifiably so, since the beginning of time -- never enough money to afford the necessities of life. Unemployment! Health care! Not enough money to enjoy some of the nicer things of life. Who has been historically in charge of distribution? Why does the bulk of the world’s population live in Poverty?

Historically, poor people have been loyal, obeyed the laws, policed, worked for, entertained, fought and died for the cause of the wealthy. Our goal has been to earn a fair share of that stuff in your pockets.

Now for all this and more, what do poor people get? The poor people have been lied to and tricked, hence today; we face the greatest economic crisis, in centuries.

As I go around some of my wealthy acquaintances, because I would be a fool to call you my friends, All I here is "your Belly-aching", mostly about “money”, having to pay taxes… Why Punishing the Rich Is a Bad Idea! In awe, I wonder why? I mean your whole life; you have enjoyed and still do enjoy the best money can by. You have had the best living, swimming pools, spars, cars, trucks, planes and trains…. You have created jobs and made investments, built houses, ports, skyscrapers, space rockets, fancy this and fancy that. Just yesterday, one said: “The wealthy creates for the poor. You, meaning the government/President, can not make us pay for the poor. You can’t take what we have worked so hard for and divide it. If you spread the wealth... the country loses and no one wins”.

My response. Well, who is winning right now? That is not so and nobody is punishing anybody, other than yourself! Had you been open and honest and properly distributed the wealth, we would not be in this economic crisis today. Another, your access to everything offered is unlimited, while poor people have had to do without. Another, You use public facilities and resources, just as or more so than the poor-- Boating, Flying, Repelling, Skiing, Shooting, Racing, hunting, fishing, jumping.... Another, you are the major source of pollution, crime and corruption, That is a fact. Another, How many soldiers do you see belly-aching about putting their lives on the line?

Let us face it, You screwed up, whether you accept it or not is your problem. Do not fault Barack Obama, because “This Change” is evitable. The world can no longer operate the way you have. Because of your poor judgment and management, the resources are no longer available.

Forget about Socialism, Capitalism, Communism, Racism, Republican and Democrat, We are all in an economic crisis. Look what the taxpayers did for the big three, not good but it was done. Rather than care, you prefer to belly-ache. Nobody has anything. Further, I am here to tell you that your money is no good. Because of you, we are indebted up to our ass-holes. Even our great grand children will not be able to pay it off. Instead of looking for more money to barrow or lend, Why don’t you try a little of this. So “We all” can benefit and prosper.

Thank you for sharing… Art

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