richest 1% of Americans


Does it give any consolation to know what the richest 1% of Americans are doing these tough economic times?

While families and small businesses are struggling to make ends meet, the richest 1% of America are cutting corners, cutting jobs and raising prices and jacking up rates while providing less product and service. They are the greediest players.

From where comes the bulk of the 1% insurance, banks and credit card companies and more like them on Wall Street.

They're in a relentless pursuit of profit and have a callous disregard for people. These big corporations have abused people and twisted the economy to serve their own interests.

They make excessive profits, hoard massive amounts of cash, overcharge their customers and give their top executives obscene paychecks.

Now, how does that compare to the rest of us? Do we keep sitting back, following rules and regulations waiting for them to make something happen?

Tell me something new.

The Occupy Wall Street movement gives voice to the anger of families and small businesses struggling to make ends meet.

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