The rod or bullet ants?

Spare the rod, Spoil the child

Daily many children, little and big, are literally beaten to death; thousands in America and millions the world over. Every day – deaths resulting from small misunderstandings and attempting to forcefully resolve them and ending with fatal blow.

Refusing to give in, stubborn, angry, last nerve snapped after all these years, I am a victim of my most effective and efficient form of discipline. Learning disabled, Child abuse, Spousal abuse, domestic violence, siblings rivals, Assaults, retaliation, divine intervention and guidance, on and on until war, world wars, rumors of wars. To all of these and this, I trace their humble, well intentioned beginnings to interpretations and understandings, one little three letter word—R.o.d.

Some adults are so in denial and at the same time thoroughly convinced, that they instill it into their children, for future generations, especially poor people. I know I use to.

It also worked well in education, until they took it out, old school now. Only, if we could get it back, we'd have a field day wouldn't we? In the morning everything would be fine and dandy, just like it use to be with me. You know women are just as guilty as men, so forget about, little boys don't hit little girls, just adults. Dating, a little spanking never hurts? Violent rapes! There are just somethings little boys should never do to little girls and beating them use to be one of them.

People feel justified because of a misunderstanding of how being beat made them feel. It forced them into submission and the desired behavior was achieved. They attribute the success of beating to the extraordinary good behavior they display today. How faithful, dependable, mannerable, socially acceptable, friendly, helpful, loving and prosperous we all are because of it. That bringing physical hurt or pain to a child, in the name of discipline, does not harm them. That a child, who knows nothing and is naturally curious and active about every little thing, needs that kind of discipline to straighten them out. That spanking teaches that child respect for adults and his or her self. That without this physical form of discipline the child goes astray. That hurt and pain dished out from a parent helps this child to lead a loving, well balance life, without; the world could not be a better place.

When this child becomes an adult and looks after seniors citizens, interacts with other adults and their own families, this physical form of discipline will blossom into love. All you have to do is… Today, isn’t that what’s going on?

Have you heard the great success stories about bullet ants? Which are greater, The rod or bullets?

It ain't nothing a good whipping can't cure?

Gone inner