what is the rod, spare the rod, spoil the child?

Could it be a fishing rod? No, a child needs a good whipping to help in healthy grow and development. It has been proven, do you not see all these talented and loving children here today, all do to using the rod? Spare the rod spoils the child, so implement and maintain a system of discipline that includes a rod. The more you use the rod, early on, the less we will need the rod in the future. How do you explain that to the next generation?

Using the rod is very simple to keep under control and you use it when children get out of control. Now, we have laws to protect adults and certainly this is not a double standard.

Further, everyone understands their own physical strength, especially with a rod.

You see some people see the rod as a physical tool, a stick, an extension cord, belt, frying pan or any other object, depending on the level of force needed, the offense committed, intentional or unintentional, group or alone... If God can forgive the sins of adults, just why adults can not forgive the sins of children? Discipline takes practice. Are you a child of God?

Then, the definition of rod, is discipline. Discipline has to be something learned and taught. Is whipping an accepted form of discipline for any child of God? Discipline, can you restrain yourself? Praticing good displine, one can restrain themselves from resulting to getting physical when someone else's behavior disturbs them. It was good for me...Two wrongs does not make a right.

God is love, discipline is a necessary part of love and to be truly free, we must master the art of self-discipline. The physical rod, as a disciplinary tool used to bring about hurt and pain in exchange for good behavior is a weapon of physcial abuse and violence. Violence only begets more violence.

So when you really think about it, the rod has to be anything good, wholesome and other than a physical rod as a form to bring about peaceful behavior.

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