Role Models

Role models are human beings from all walks of life. We chose them based upon our likeness of what we see or perceive them doing.

Our lives are made up of contributions, bits and pieces, from our role models and change as we grow.

Who should or should not be our role model is a personal decision. I should understand my likeness, love and fasination may lead to my obsession.

Though we would like to believe titles make one person more credible that another, it is not true. Many people want to be an approving authority and many want to be accepted by the approving authorities. No matter how good our approving authorities or tests to be approved, we are still just human beings.

Further, as we grow, our role models change and just as role models change, so does the life of our role models.

I am not responsible for the actions of others, just as they are not responsible for my actions. I must understand there are consequences for my actions, some more severe than others. No one can decide what those consequences will be.

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