Your Royal Highness, where are the crown jewels?

Is this another reality show, Kate plus Eight? Not even sure if I know how to write this? That tells how far removed I am from royalty? So how close are you? Do you know proper protocol? Do you want to know it? To what benefit...?

Your Royal Hindness, Your Royal Highness, Your Majesty, to have so much high esteem for one family is that good? For what reason is that? I understand respect! So what is that saying about me? Is the Queen for the people or the people for the Queen? As such, what will they do for the people? Is today proof?

Princes William and Catherine Middleton, Princes Di, is it you or is it them? Why do we put one wedding over another? If the whole world is going to chip in, giving well wishes & advice for the Royal couple, why do not we do it for everyone? Save a lot of broken marriages would it?

I want marriages to work as well as anyone else, but how can they? Do you remember the last royal wedding catastrophe? Isn't that enough message to be more cautious, especially for royal weddings? Is it the heck with the last one?

So what does the royal family do when they have marital problems, is it a car accident plot, a murder cover-up, either way the results are the same. Like I said, I want the best for all, but what precautions, lessons learned, Rehab, executive intelligence? Accidents???

If my family was scandalized by such a horrible incident, would the next wedding be even more glamorous? What point would I prove?

No, I am not my mom or dad, but does not my reputation precede me? No I do not want to stop marriages, but when people get so excited over nothing, it is like a mob mentality? Are we "seriously" setting the stage for another horrible disaster?

An angry online tirade against Prince William's fiancée costs one royal soldier a "huge honor."

Crown Prince of Bahrain declines royal wedding ...What does this mean? Team Kate?

At the William-Kate wedding, Prince's mother will be present in spirit.. One for all and all for one!

Living under a veil of ignorance, secrecy and fear no one willing to be the first to admit what they don't want to realize and it being too late by the time they found out.

All the best,,,,Art


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