your timing seems strange

Do you need direction for your life? Do you feel you have no one whom to turn? There is nobody to work with you. Are you getting too anxious? Are you listening to the wrong people, people with quick fixes – buy this or that, energy drugs, schools, armies, monster jobs, send this to seven people? And when you do all of that, then to whom will you turn when the chips are down. It seems everybody has a plan for me, but me.

If you are like me, your life can be a mess? Everything you need seems just out of reach. Your life is on hold as the rest of the world passes you by? You have so many ideas, talents, dreams, gifts and you strive to do so much to lead a full life, but no matter what you do, it never seems to be good enough? It does not bring enough bread to the table? Nothing seems to be happening?

I was and still am young, the product of the finest education system in the world. I had powerful connections and high hopes. But now I am a nobody, a lowly person in a forgotten desert, rejected by my people and a fugitive on the run. Who am I that I deserve the riches of this land?

Nobody knows me. I do not speak nor write so well. And my track record is not good.

Here is what my inner voice said to me. I know your past, and it does not matter. Your failures and inadequacies are no longer the greatest truths about you. You are what you are, but you are not yet what you will be.

When you do what you enjoy most, life offers a total different view. By realizing what is real and doable, you earned happiness as an independent worker and the abilities to help people earn a living.

Follow the plan for your life and stick to it! Stop being so impatient with your life. Slow down, turn aside and listen to your inner voice. What it has to say is more important to your life than anything else you will ever hear. It is your life, your plan, send it to seven people.

Enjoy and thank you for including me.

Quick fixes are easy to come by, but THE TOOLS? Tools to work with you!

Your inner,,,gone green

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