wHAT A SURPRISE? What happens when two planes collide?

What happens when people collide? (((YOUR-INNER-VOICE))) is surprisingly human. Is humorous rumorous, human? Gossip, from where does it come? Does it exist at all levels, in every facet of life? Why?

your inner voice bound by self and culture. What happens to those who aren't. Are they "out there" on their own?

Self-sustaining, how does it feel to be really way out there on your own? Africans, are they own their own? Predator and prey, the big fish eat up the little? Is that a fact or fiction? What about mating, do you need to get married? Then, why does anyone want to marry you? Is it for money, safety and security?

What really can a man do for you, that you can’t do for yourself? So why do you marry them? Remember your rights? Do they override your commonsense? Don’t lie! Do women really have common sense, is it a good sense? Have you really made good choices? Are you really the Mother Earth or a “Mother On Earth” – MADD?

Thank God for MOther Nature, she'll free you up? What about our children, how are they doing? Are they getting along or just putting up with one another? You asked, where has the love gone in your relationship?

Can you fool Mother Nature? Do you litter in your Mother Nature? Respect goes a long ways.

Is respect a oneway street? Do people fear or respect you? Which do you prefer? How do women show respect for men? What’s the criteria? What’s a criterion?

Can you have respect for someone and not for yourself? How do you respect people you do not like? Are you a person? Do the wealthy really respect the poor? The more money you have, the more respect you get, is that respect? Is that really how it goes? Then, why are we going that way?

Must you demand respect? Your inner voice is so intriguing, must it hit you over the head to listen?

Is it better to be a rich man, pockets overflowing or is it better to be a poor man in nature? Can you have both of best worlds? What happens when you get old? What happens to “mean old people”? What good does riches, wealth, money, power; how powerful are you against any single force of Mother Nature?

Then, why did you screw with them Native Americans, you know they had it going on. Is your technology better? When will you out of denial come? You know it’s not!!! So why do you keep telling yourself, it is? Is that smart or what? You even got us lying for you.

Why are people so prone to lying, over “telling the truth”? How can the public make any sound decisions, as long as you can’t trust a politician, a preacher? Bankers are already exposed, why do we keep wanting their shit? Nobody wants my shit, but their just eat up the bankers shit. Look, how many loops through which to get a loan? How far will they go, thumb print, do reckon our children will respect us for creating all this security? Exactly what have we secured?

Is it better to dwell in the flesh or the spirit? Can the spirit go where the flesh can't? Is it alive?

Does it ever tell you to love somebody, you're in trouble then.

your inner voice!!! Of what is your inner voice made? Do you obey it? What good is it, if you don't? You'll be way-out-there, without a paddle. DON'T IGNORE IT? Instinct!

What happens when spirits collide?

(((your inner voice)))

Surprisingly Human


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