Human Safety and Security

Today at the highest Alert, Why…

Safety and Security is the most important factor in Life

During early childhood, one of the most important aspects of learning and play was safety and security and out of concern for the health and welfare of eveyone concerned, in every little thing, be safe. Being safe and secure brought about a sense of order, caution and excitement. And when we were safe, it brought about a greater sense of security.

Today, the safety factors of life, the possibilities of Threat, Hazard and Disaster are not as important as it use to be. There is something about being a young adult and progression to where we are today.

Practicality has been all but lost; reality has fallen victim to fantasy and greed, the term old fashion comes into play and we are bored and lose interest and desire for the normal stuff in life. We no longer have time and are quickly running out of time. Thrill Seeking and sensationalism is now our driving force, glorified and the more spectacular the better. Multi-tasking, who is best at doing more than one thing at a time? Gradual improvement has given way to radical improvement. Logic is lost and acceptance has become a matter of fact.

In our efforts to improve, we have resulted to extreme measures of self entertainment. There is a fine line between improving life skills and altering them or being clever or stupid. Whatever happened to the safest, most secure and economical, with priorities in order? Whatever happened to logic and the most practical? I guess it is like asking, why do animals run out in front of autos? In the name of progress and over development! In the name of progress, the norm is no longer acceptable.

The more this behavior flourishes, the more safety and security is compromised and the less safety and security conscious we become. The less safety and security conscious we become, the more we expose ourselves and others to the harmful hazards of life and living becomes increasingly more dangerous. Here are just a few examples: food, safety, health care issues, driving while on the phone, or pushing a infant in stroller across a busy intersection while on the phone? Now, the sense is "I narrowly escaped with my life, but I got the job done". The new challenge is, “Can you”.

I am for progress by the fastest means possible, but what good is it when practical purpose is lost and you have no earthly idea of where you are headed and that what you are doing is in contradiction to good health and welfare? It is only now that we are again realizing, that in reality, safety and security is foremost in everything we do and overlooking that fact only leads to a dead-end road of death and destruction, out of control, global warming, waste, fraud and abuse.

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Playing it safe!

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