Sarah Palin

Talking points take shape for Republican Vice Presidential Nominee

McCain campaign's efforts to paint the media coverage of Palin as sexist, and link the Obama campaign to that coverage?

She's a George Bush in lipstick?

She takes a hard stance on abortion and contraception?

Possible "abuse of power" scandal? Not Sarah!

Objects to president's decision to list polar bears on the endangered species list. Is Mr. Bush afraid of polar bears?

Democrats have a limited window to define Sarah Palin for voters?

Works against earmarks but approves passion marks?

An environmental policy so toxic it would make, George Bush, blush?

Did McCain actually raise his left arm to strike a woman in a wheelchair? What does Sarah have to say? Does Sarah approve of such a violent temper and behavior, McCain's hot-streak?

Does Sarah Palin fall for "Big Daddy", "Bad Boy" John McCain's Image?

Sarah Palin-Bush?

She is not beautiful but she sure is sexist!

Just one question: Who is Kevin?

Sarah Palin

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