Sarah Palin

Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate

This invitation is to the great state of Alaska and honorary citizens, literally meaningless, what about naturalized citizens, meaningful? Is this what citizens of Alaskan do?

As 2008 Vice Presidential Nominee, what invitation are you making to naturalized citizens? What invitation are you making to "America's citizens"? What invitation are you making to world citizens?

What happens when you have unprotected sex?

What is most likely to happen when you have unprotected sex before marriage?

What is a baby born out of wedlock?

How do you explain all this to your childern?

What does the bible say?

How do you explain that to our children?

Would you rather lose your integrity or lose this election?

What is a culture of corruption and dishonesty?

How can we leave our children out?

What is Firm, Fair and Consistent? What is a responsible adult?

Palin's adviser base and political affiliations are Klan and neo-Nazi

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