Savant, Savant syndrome or Savantism.

It's estimated that there are only 50 true savants in the world. They are often people with enormous disabilities who also have extraordinary talents.

I could not disagree with the above statement more...

All illustrate how savants relate to the world in a way that is unimaginable to most of us. I agree.

Why? May be to make a difference in people, to label them according to our own desires, to put one person above or below the next.

There is no cognitive theory that explains the combination of talent and deficit found in savants or any other person, place or thing.

We, as in everything upon the earth, are savants, persons, places and things of profound or extensive learning, a rare condition in which persons with developmental disorders have one or more areas of expertise, ability or brilliance, in contrast with the individual's overall limitations.

Some people discover their talents and some do not. Other people discover their talents and other times, people choose to acknowledge or ignore the talents of others. Most commonly, people are discouraged or distracted from their talents, for various reasons, may be to strengthen weaker areas or to do something someone else has recommend.

But, we are all talented, savants, in accordance with our purpose in life. That is what makes us unique but yet depending on each other.

One way or another and in the same breath we all have developmental disorders.

Have you discovered the savant in you? Are you able to practice your calling?

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