School Violence In America

Nationally, school violence in America is rarely profiled, unless you live in our inner cities. It one of those things like child abuse. You do not want to admit it. If you expect a victim to admit it, why should not adult feel free to admit it. A lack of discipline and fear? Where is your strength and courage?

Our children have learned that and are acting out to get our attention, but due to being greedy adults, nobody listens.

At the present time school violence becomes a serious concern from about the eighth grade and endures through college. There are many reasons for it, the most of which is a lack of discipline. It has gotten so out of control, I do not know any other resolutions to curb the violence, other than result to the basics. Like we tear down old schools, we must go out with the old and in with the new.

It is a shame that the wonderful idea of education in America has developed into a dangerous, free for all death trap. It is disturbing that in order for our children to attend public school we must fear them becoming another murder statistic.

Before it was how you can learn without proper books or on an empty stomach and now, it is fear of violence.

Today, our schools earn so much money, yet they get further and further away from their perspective communities. Attending high school has become like attending college and attending college has become something like going into space.

We have got to get back to the basics and parents, students, administration and teachers must be on the same sheet of music--A community effort.

Until that happens, we can forget a good education.

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