Major Search Engines

What have you done for me lately?

Major Search Engines -- Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, HotBot, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos and other major search engines,

1. Are you happy with what Search Engines are turning out so far?

2. Can SE's find and present good content?

Define World Wide Web (WWW) Information available on the Internet that can be easily accessed with software, be it personal, local, global, draft or highly polished. A common information space in which we communicate by sharing information.

The purpose of the web. An open source which is necessary for the web to be universal. You can't propose the web is a universal space and at the same time, keep control of it.

The Purpose of Search Engines. Search engines scourer the web collecting information and organizing it so it is easily available to web users.

To reduce the impact of link schemes, as of 2007, search engines consider a wide range of undisclosed factors, algorithms for ranking information or websites hence, Search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via natural, organic or algorithmic search results for targeted keywords. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results, or the higher it ranks, the more searchers will visit that site.

Sponsored results, results that make money and results that mean very little to our daily living, you can often see.

It is the tension of this competition which has created the demand for better standards. This is the determining factor to whether or not a website or certain information gets seen. Search engines promote good websites because good websites promote search engines. The ethical question is what motivates the exchange?

Knowing all of the above, my website, which is my business, I classify as very good, very good information, self-help, inspiring, entertaining, credible and quite educational to a targeted group . I have been working this website for more than three years.

Now, as for major search engines, I am not happy with my results. I do not think my work nor my website are getting a fair shake nor the shake we deserve.

Why? I consistently get low rankings which leads to zero exposure, something beyond my control. Now, you can say there are many things I could do but, that's a guessing game, content is king. What does that say for the job search engines do--gather and provide good content? They have all the resources to do what?

I was kicked off google adwords or adsense for fraudulent clicking. Me of all people.

My website is very good because I am and have always been, not the best but, GOOD. If you look at the kind of information presented to us and compare my website, my website meets and or exceeds that quality of work. I will go as far as to say, the information on my website is needed and in great demand - Peace and prosperity, for all people, are high priorities and a world mission, unless you see otherwise.

Looking at other sites: How much of the information encourages us to be our best? How much of it discourages crime and criminal activities? How much of it can you really depend on? How much of it is free?

You can work hard at providing great informaton on the web but unless one of these search engines approves, your efforts are dead in the water. Search Engines have made huge profits with their efforts and promises, but that does not mean they are doing their jobs, providing good information to us.

As technology advances we should be aware of sudden changes which large-scale machine processing might have on our businesses.

This is quite discouraging and unfair to would-be-netpreneurs, good hardworking honest folk, producing good products and services but, unable to successfully compete or get them seen.

Why is my website not being promoted?

Peace and prosperity, we all want and need but how are we going about getting it? Further, what will search engines require us do-- produce Good content?


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