A "Selah" Moment

An interlude, moment of silence, a pause, an interruption, accentuate, exalt or end.

    Let's take a Selah moment together.

  • Be silent and listen to the voice of God.

  • Pause from your hectic schedule to be refreshed in spirit.

  • Interrupt your day for spiritual inventory and cleansing.

  • Accentuate the joy of God’s provision through thanks-giving.

  • Exalt the name of God for answered prayers in spite of disappointment.

  • End the day by reflecting on your faithfulness

Selah moments help maintain happier and healthier hearts, by minimizing stress and staying in the presence of God. No day is complete without them.

Keep spiritually fit, mentor each other, keep God with you and let your creativity reign.

The word selah occur frequently at the end of verses in Psalms.

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