Ever Feel Like You Were "Damaged Goods"?

I say this because most of the folks I've heard about this from were damaged early in life and grew up with certain perceptions about themselves based on their family's attitudes and the general social reaction to their disabilities from the get-go in their lives, which can leave a lasting impression following one well into adulthood.

Anyway, do you now, or have you ever, felt like "damaged goods"? How did that affect you? Does it impact your personal and social relationships? Has it hampered you in any way in striving for your dreams in life? Has it ever made you feel suicidal? How'd you get over it, if you did? Go ahead. Spill it.

It takes courage to share this sort of personal stuff, but there could be so many more people damaged out there in the world who can greatly benefit from hearing your stories.

No matter the damage, Remember, you were made to be Great!

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