A Sense Of Urgency

How important was the stuff you learned in kindergarten?

LOOK! How easily our early lessons become obsolete and forgotten. But do they really?

You can not change everything all at once. Vision, appropriate and timely action can save your hide more often than not. That is very important!

Now, when it comes to businesses active inertia can easily be pointed out, but when it comes to a society that is a problem and we watch it happen everyday, while we, as a society are prone to this same disastrous end. Businesses are able to take a diversified group of people and get them focused in on the same priorities. Why is this not possible in societies? Which is more important, a society or a businesses? Just as there is diversity in business, there is diversity in society.

A sense of urgency is not for the fainthearted - or the lazy - is it? Transforming commitments is risky business and change requires courage, therefore societies fall victim to active inertia.

Good managers make five types of commitments: Frames focus attention on what matters, Processes, Resources, Relationships and Values. If these commitments are so important in businesses, why are they not so important in societies? Does our society have a better grip on educational programs than we do on health care programs? Which is more important, education or health care?

All I really need to know about how to live and what to do and how to be I learned in kindergarten.

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