Severe storms

Severe storms, Natural Disasters, the Sarengeti, Scientists and Engineers

Severe storms bring floods, tornadoes...the world over.

Natural Disasters come with Severe storms.

Survivors are forced to deal with the situation at hand. Severe storms threaten lives, homes, dams, bridges, inundate highways and others to attempt saving and rescue missions.

Severe storms do not hate, they only bring wisdom and mercy to survivors. They test our faith.

It's never too late, severe storms do not discriminate.

What is life insurance? Where can I go to be assured, weather I think?

If you do not know, You can guess, ask your boss or a surviver.

I wouldn't go any lower. Scientists or Engineers?

Screw this one up, What second chance?

One life to live.

As we leave the two young Tanzanian cooking crew chattering and bantering in Swahili and take off across the Sarengeti with our lives.... the Sarengeti, Do you speak Swahili

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