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You already know the answer, but are you really willing to share?

A young lady shared this email with me after reading my bestiality article. I am not sure why she did not share directly with my readers. There is a difference when readers feel open enough to share with readers, than when they feel discreet enough to only share with the author.

Any more, I think there are still some isolated pockets of people, who think the information they share will be electronically traced back to them? Is that a problem or a solution?

Though I am not a great fan of studies, I felt this information interesting enough to share, so here goes:

Studies have been made of cultures comparing sexual repression to the incidence of violence. The more stringent the taboos are about sex, the more violent the culture. Conversely the more sexually permissive the culture, the lower the crime rate.

For the health of our bodies and for the health of our culture, sexuality is an important essence to understand and preserve. there is a great deal of indication that higher consciousness and sexuality are closely related. Repressing sexuality often decreases the life force itself, and deprives us of the incredible pleasure and learning experience that comes from a relationship. Denying the body intimacy and sexual release is denying some of the greatest pleasure the body can have. Denying this pleasure also cuts us off from the subtler feelings and emotions. This goes against our biological pleasure principle. We become cut off from our ground, our wholesomeness, our sense of inner satisfaction and peace. Sexuality is crucial in the healthy flow of this energy through the body. Only then can we achieve a complete circuit of bioelectric flow through the body, essential to mental and physical health. The complete flowing back of excitation toward the whole body is what constitutes gratification. Damned up sexual energy resulted in anxiety, centered mainly around the cardiac and diphragmatic region.End of article shared...

In America, I am not too sure how this freedom is working, on one hand we encourage it to be free and at the same time, on the other hand we discourage it to be "what"? Therefore, some people are so ashamed of their sexuality, it causes them to act in strange manners.

Americans want to know if you are in or out, so they can judge you. How many of them really want to help you? Then, why are we so concerned about approving or disapproving everything, especially when you can see the blood on our hands?

On one hand we are building the "Garden of Eden" and at the same time, we are tearing it down.

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Bestiality in America

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