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Do you really want to connect? 'psychic sex', do people really have sex with their animals? Share a fantasy!

Share a fantasy! Is it a fantasy to have sex with the preacher? What about someone else's husband?

Not only is sharing your curiosity sexy, it consensual, sane and safe. The curiousity factor has the power to boost your relationship faster and further than you could ever imagine.

Be careful because that can work two ways! And really, sharing of fantasies is not a gender specific thing. Friends sit around having boring meaningless conversation because they fear what the other may or may not think about their true feelings.

I had one person tell me, "they didn't share because they didn't like the other person". Well hell, how do you show that by sitting there being phony, acting like you're having a good time. Excusing yourself would have been more appropriate.

Too many people have 'psychic sex'. That means They think they know what the other person wants, when in actuality they're hiding the same desires. Humans were constantly having psychic Sex with each other

Remember when you did X? It's likely to get you a repeat performance, if it is not misconscrewed with "bringing up the past".

Build anticipation? Is burping and spitting the same as farting, shitting? Which is the more devastating?

Share a fantasy, lol! It's all about being open and honest, innovative and creative.

(((your inner

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