a true slave, a true master

A Slave and Master are you, but are you a true slave and true master?

Most frown on that idea and I used to, but when you understand the meaning of giving yourself to someone, it is hard to do otherwise?

Why is it so important to understand the basis of what is really going on? A well informed person is a better performer. Why do we try to hide the fact of being slaves to each other? Are you a slave to your wife? Are you a slave to your husband? Are your children slaves to you? Are you slaves to them? Are we slaves in our relationships?

With a true master, are the people being abused, forced, tricked into working for nothing? Free loader? Who is following you? Are not we all following someone? What about all of that? How are your relationships? Are you able to get the help you need and if not, why not?

I am asking all these questions to you because it has come to my attention that we all have slaves, no matter how rich or poor.

Are people in positions of authority the only people you respect? Are money and power the only things you respect? In that sense you are a true slave. Do you abuse your pets? What is the difference between a pet and a true slave? What is the difference between a paid employee and a true slave? Does anybody enjoy working for nothing? So we are all looking for something from each other.

That is where the ability to work together for a common cause comes in.

Are you rebelling? Are you causing others to rebel? The best of time, the worse of times, where is in between?

Slavery is a mentality; a slave cannot be forced into submission? A slave is someone who willingly submits themselves to you. Now, leadership is the art of leading people in such a fashion they willingly follow.

With a true master, the true slaves are always his first priority and vice-versa. In that way, everyone is happy. Is God really your master? What does that make you?

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