How did this happen?

As the whole world watched? Living deep within the bosom of Africa, I needed not even a watch, for I always had time.

Too much time and not enough to do, that can be a dangerous and that is how I met you. While you know, I didn’t mind.

As it is today, I can clearly see the "Psychological Warfare" you used to capture me.

Your empty promises still excite my mind, thanks to you, now I don't even have time.

From where you came, I do not know. With your horn of plenty, whiskey and photos of white women basking in the snow, my curiosity was peeked, I said Let's go!

To share the spoils with you was my goal. Education, Power, Employment and I have lost my soul.

Follow me and do as I say. Gladly, I said and offered you comforts along the way. Excited, I go out and tell my friends, My dreams of real are now dreams of the ideal.

We marched towards The Sea, with the masses in tow, eagerly following and then, Hello.

It's a secret, you don't want to expose, or you will be burned at the stake so I was told.

“Good trade, bad trade, I am happy to risk, I thought, anything would be better than this.

Too good to be true, we traveled together a good long distance until we encountered another intruder upon our land, you knew him better me, so what are your plans?

You further comforted and coaxed me along, I even felt like singing a song. Then all of a sudden there it stood, I had been led past "The Line of No Return".

Now, the big strong, compassionate African is now a dumb, stupid, sorry, lazy ass, dead beat, inferior, dependent, black, African-American Male. We have captured you and no one to go back and tell.

Generations later, after visiting The Island of Gorée* and Jufureh, I remember so well, that is when I learned you came straight from hell.

Well, if the truth be told, this is how Africans were trapped, all without even firing one shot or disrupting the scene. You knew if a shot was fired or word got back...

The master of trickery and guns in your laps, your victims herded like animals into the white wHole of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade trap. All while the whole world stood idly by.

And today it is still very evident how formal education has helped you to keep us that way.

Is the wool still over the eyes of the American people? Be careful for what you ask.

--A Slave Refugee in Georgia, Art

(((your inner

I do not know, now all I have is my slavery chains.

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