Stop Smoking on your own.

Cigarette smoking as to how it effects people and banning cigarette smoke to make people healthier. Cigarette smoking for known and unknown reasons is a rather taboo form of recreation and more and more is becoming illegal.

Smoking is all about the ability to relax, class, culture with a bit of naughtiness. Then you get hooked on something you see others do. What is peer pressure? This visual metaphor... captures sense of freedom, self-reliance, joy of living, passion... all the things that REALLY matter now that you are hooked. Stop Smoking has become a big money-maker, it is portrayed you can not quit on your own. Now, for obvious reasons, we are going to force your smoking butt to quit. It is amazing how we do business. That pressure causes some weird reactions.

It seems the push on bands against cigarette smoking has been and still is initiated by Americans, which are probably the world's largest manufacturer and producer of cigarettes. Further, that the harmful smoke from cigarette smoking compared to the harmful smoke produced by other sources we use, makes the smoke from all cigarette smoking like a grain of sand compared to a mountain. Here is why?

Fire. I think you will agree anything producing fire produces harmful smoke. Where there is smoke, there also is fire. Before man, there was fire. Since man, he has enjoyed an intimate connection with fire, both natural and man made. We heat by fire, light by fire, cook by fire, transportation by fire, fight with fire, entertain with fire and worship with fire. All of which and over the centuries has and still does produce the same harmful smoke. In nature, there is something burning all the time, including the sun. Notice, I have not mentioned the smoke from cigarettes, because comparatively, cigarette smoke is a mole hill compared to a mountain or a rifle compared to a weapon of mass destruction.

Why start banning smoke and all its harmful effects at the cigarette smoking level?

People can see it? So when they smell the smoke they see; based on education, people can blame it.

Health care professionals can blame it and have pointed out cigarette smoke as the real enemy? They have made cigarette smoking addictive, a nasty habit and a hazard to your health. This education has pitted non-smokers against smokers, while the real addictive, nasty habit forming, hazard to your health and our environment smoke producing sources are being ignored.

Just like with food, being over weight, health, death; banning the harmful effects of cigarette smoking is very profitable, but still not near as profitable as the other harmful smoke producing sources. We know the other sources are by far, the real culprit for producing the greatest amount of harmful smoke to people and environment, but we rather start with cigarettes. Which, if every person smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, the amount of smoke produced would be small compared to the amount of smoke produced by driving or all the others, individually or collectively combined. As a matter of fact, if we cut out just one of the other sources of smoke, and left cigarette smoking alone; it would make more people healthier and be a giant step in protecting our environment. Well, rather than taking a chance at doing away with and without all the other good, huge, harmful smoke producing necessities, we would rather lollygag around with cigarette smoke.

Know what is really killing you. Know what is really causing your allergies. Know what is really polluting and harming our environment. As we fight the harmful effects of smoke, starting at the cigarette smoking level, we will never get to the root of our harmful smoking problems and solve them. Until, reducing the harmful effects by banning cigarette smoke is futile and reducing the harmful effects caused by man made smoke will never happen. Go cold turkey with the money and Just stop manufacturing cigarette and tobacco products.

That kind of thinking is what drives people to smoke. "Can I have a light?"

Sometimes, pictures are worth a million words. Try this one out for size.

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