Social Justice for All

Seeking social justice for all? How does social justice come about? Do we have it? Is social justice important? Why?

Little things can turn against you! Witnesses need to do the right thing

This world is one growing more and more vicious everyday. The term dog eat dog is about to be considered a form of good behavior. Everyday we watch and listen to someone somewhere sabotage someone else. For the most part, we see it and hear it and in some kind of way, feel more informed. It a short time, we forget about it. It becomes a habit and we walk on by or ignore even more. We participate by taking no action to resolve the problem. We figure that is the right way. There is nothing I can do?

Bystanders are probably the most crucial group in instigating acts of violence and other criminal activities. We start out early in school, when there is a fight, many feel obliged to secrecy in order to witness such an event.

Can you imagine witnessing a person or people being taken advantage of and you do nothing? We want safety and security, but when it comes to giving it, we are less likely to respond accordingly. That will open the door for others to take advantage. If nobody is going to do anything, why not? People make a social justice system work. Criminals make a criminal justice system work. Our social justice system is corrupt and failing, while our criminal justice system is being overwhelmed.

Witnesses need to respond accordingly. Be responsible and let people know you will not tolerate such behavior. Its something to really think about. Help protect yours and let everybody know! Social Justice for All

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