Spontaneous enlightenment

Just tell yourself truths and you are the best place to start.

Well, if you don't what will happen? Who do you fear? Just your imagination running away with you.

Right now we are out to destroy everything within our path. We "over do" everything. We are too far away from reality. We think we are "the number one world power", when in reality,,,How do you feel. On how many prescription drugs are you, when it is against the law to "smoke a joint"?

Do you believe there are some, more than you think who have made it their only mission to destroy certain religions in life and modern day Christianity is one of them? We show ourselves friendly, when at the same time, we always have another underlying agenda. Filled with confusion, chaos and hatred, we force our wicked selves and weak ways upon others, through a so called democracy, when we really are Indian and African haters and killers. We “give FREEBIES” to people far, far away, when our own is lacking. We participate in every great evil imaginable, all of which makes us a very hypocritical, scary religion. The harder we work at it, the more we repel, instead of attracting. The only reason why so many people flock to America is for money. Now, you tell me, do we really have any money? They do not care about our beliefs and that is the wrong message to send. Politics as usual, we side with parties and commit ourselves to decisions we would not make on our own! It is the gun and gold that brings us our greatest sense of safety and security. We are truly one sick people, physically and mentally and it’s deep rooted within in our communities. I am suppose to trust you, but you can’t trust me,,,go figure. It is the gun that makes us “believe” we are so powerful, not our spiritual beliefs, logic and common sense. Where is the gold? How long can we last?

We need a moment of sudden awareness to perceive the activity of Spirit within, and change courses, choosing to lead in the formation of a good healthy society by maintaining our own.

Spontaneous enlightenment is possible in me, when I give my full attention to the Spirit's calling and the potential of the present moment. I am flexible and fluid, able to change courses as I am led. Fully aware and engaged in the process of life, I spontaneously and mindfully act in response to the guidance I receive.

Sometimes I am tempted to say "I do not know how to do this," “I do not know the answer” or "I do not see the next step." These thoughts come to mind, but there is a deeper knowing available to me. I am not restricted to human understanding, which seeks to find logical answers to life's questions. I am open to spiritual understanding, to hear the "still small voice" and receive guidance, to become one with Divine Minds. While I may not see the whole pathway, my next steps become increasingly clear.

My inspiration may come in any form, watching people suffer and/or hearing their cries for help, I can blame others, ignore and take no action, but I must always remember my decision is proof of the person I truly am.

There is only one thing to fear and that is "fear itself". Spiritual understanding, we have got to get back to the basics and our imaginations can work well within that range,,,not out of control...Hitler style.

Every minute of our lives and in every interaction with each other, we are weaving memories. It is up to us, we are responsible for solving our problems and building good memories.

The Farm, Build it!

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