Stimulus Package 2008

For the slowing United States Economy by Art

Congress gave final approval on Thursday to a $168 billion economic rescue package, including: rebates for taxpayers and tax breaks for businesses, that lawmakers and President Bush hope will set off a rush of springtime spending and spark the slowing US economy.

The fact is $168 billion minus(-) $300 million equals(=)$167,700,000,000 billion.

Here are some figures:

Approved United States Economic Rescue Package = $168 billion

If the U.S. Economic rescue package for each American, which are 300 million people, is broken down to each American receiving $1 million each, that would yield a grand total of $300 million.

With a grand total of $300 million to all Americans, at $1 million each, would leave a remainder of $167,700,000,000 billion in the pot of the original $168 billion US stimulus package.

The new question would be how to spend $167,700,000,000 billion?

Does not the American citizens deserve this kind of stimulus package?

Would this stimulus package bring about the kind stimulation the US economy needs and so desperately deserves, to be healthy again?

Is the stimulus package I am proposing, a fairytale or is the fairytale the current stimulus package?

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Now, to the root of the US slowing economy (Our Problem) 2008. Joe Wright might have described it best.

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