Stripped Of Title

What does it take to be stripped of your title? How important is your crown?


  • continued breach of contract issues?

  • controversial issues to be determined?

  • unwillingness to make appearances?

  • racy photos of the 22-year-old?

  • unwilling to fulfill obligations under contract and work together?

  • believe marriage should be between a man and a woman? To heck with what is happening today is not that what we believed a marriage was intended to be?

Could not this happen to anyone, just depends on beliefs at that time?

All of this can result in your termination---Fired! It can also result in more severe means of punishment. When people give you a title, that title is subject to their approval and standard. After all your hard work and accomplishments to receive and retain the people's crown, it can be taken away at any time. It can be used to control you.

What happens when that crown is taken away? Stay focused. Like an engagement ring given for the promise of marriage. If the engagement is broken, do you take back the ring?

Be careful for what you ask! Be careful for what you agree! What goes around comes around!


Here you can't go wrong.

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