Struggles and Setbacks

If it is to be, it is up to me.

You are on the adventure of a lifetime, you must never be satisfied with what you know.

During struggles and setbacks, we see our powers as being limited, so we panic and lose faith. We become extremely emotional and worry, fear and doubt take over. O ye of little faith? We start running back and forth as if we were not prepared. The worse we get, the worse the situation becomes.

What is it that only I can do best? That reminds me of one news organization that observed a military training exercise and it was so real, they reported as such. Everything was just fine until it was reported. Well, it was not what they reported as much as it was how they reported, that made everyone go into panic mode. Do not jump to conclusions before you have all the facts. You will soon find out, there is no reason to jump. Do not hurry when success depends on accuracy. Everybody is pushing but no body knows the direction. It is getting harder and harder to be true to ones self.

Without knowing, we become a victim of circumstance. It is hard for us to let go and allow our faith to guide us. We forget that things are already programmed and all we have to do is remain in character. Know that if there is something you can do to change the situation; it will be revealed to you. Do not believe a situation is impossible without trying.

Our faith shows us things we otherwise could not see. We know struggles and setbacks are life and death situations. They are destined to come our way, why not be prepared? Be good and faithful servants and in a spirit of wisdom and revelation, conduct yourself--do. Faith without works is dead.

Being faithful is our best offense and defense. Get understanding. If it is to be, it is up to me.

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