the sounds of summer

And they say a mind is a terrible thing to waste. People look for inspiration everywhere they go. Can you give it? Can I give it?

These are the Sounds of Summer so make the best of everyday. You gotta get living; you gotta get giving to make the best of everyday. Fall is right around the corner and you will need it. Get in touch and stay in touch with what’s really going on and live a life of less stress, Nature, mother nature, like a friend and a mother. In summer prepare for winter. Look at the birds in the sky. What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.

I really miss your love, let’s work together, if you’ve got something good going on? There are so many who think they have nothing to give, nothing to share. Okay who see themselves as profitable but they don’t want you to? Think about it, they think they are the best, above the rest, they see people as “the little people”. Those are the really, true and tried terrorists. They missed the whole idea of life, but you can’t tell them that. They don’t want you to know. It’s no big secret, but they can always find someone to “work for them”. That’s why it is so important to carefully choose, “WHO YOU HELP”. Sometimes you can give your enemy the stick to beat you on the head with?

Do you have to be profitable to realize that, a college grad? I think on our seniors, how we treat them, the medical profession and all the drugs they prescribe? What is there to look forward to in getting old. Really, we look down on old people. Give'em a drug and go on about your business? Where is the hard work and sacrifice? Can you imagine being 70 years old and on twelve medications? Hundreds of dollars of medications is what you can look forward to, I don’t care how many doctors’ visits you make and they tell you that you are living a better life. We used to have scientists who discovered new stuff, but now we are treating the symptoms. When was the last time we had a great medical breakthrough? Now, compare that to what you pay at the pumps, every doctor’s visit, hospital stay and prescription? Compare their lifestyle to your lifestyle, what makes them better? Why can they meet all their financial obligations and you struggle like hell? But they keep telling you, they are helping you. Who pays for all that research, from where comes the labor?

They are against the good of everything, except it has to do with “only them profiting”. I work hard not to be like them and it’s hard. The pressure is really on for you to be like them. Have you ever been to a job interview? The more money it pays, the crazier you act…like a monkey on a chain. No matter where I work or with whom. Money talks, bull shit walks, but remember, “A cow needs his tail for more than one summer”.

Being yourself is the hardest thing to do, especially while you are trying to be somebody you don’t even know. The sounds of this summer will quickly get you back on track. Birds or doctors? Birds or Bosses? An independent country, independent thinking, independent people, a more self-sustaining society or is it just you,,,,king of the mountain? You got the best company, but we can't work together. The best, the very best people or those who have sold their souls and trying to get you to sell yours. Remember the days of the Black Panthers, The Union, The Confederates...and all that "flag waving", as a matter of fact, some are still flying whatever flag they want, no matter how many times they've had their asses whipped. It's just something about flag, that makes them feel a part of something, whether it's good or bad. Go figure! And a Politian will use a flag to fight his battles, while he gives you a gun to fight his enemies. He’ll stand there and talk you right into his drama. Thems black folk over there”, they are inferior to us. Do you believe there are still people who hate you just because of the color of your skin. Even if they kidnapped you and used you as a slave. But what they did not know, that being a slave is a mind thing, you only fooled yourself and now, you must pay for it. Nobody can save you, I don’t care how large your armies, how many police nor how many times you go to church…Somebody is responsible and you know it. Just like you look down on me because of my mind you must prove yourself. A mind is terrible thing to waste. Listen to the sounds of summer. Look at the birds in the sky. True strength, true power,,,not you,,,you are an idiot. Yes, YOU are an idiot. Just look at how sick you are. You just ain’t healthy. You are a fat, overweight, out of shape, gun toting airhead, just like the cop slapping the teenage girls. Cheney shotting a fellow hunter? How can you be a professional cop and fight girls. What kind of man are you? That is the first question. Next, did your parents ever teach you anything and you ain’t even smart enough to offer a personal apology and on top of all that, you are hiding behind your badge. I hope I perform better than you.

It is suppose to be the other way around. He works for you, not you for him. But we are just backwards. You cannot trust the man next door, but you can trust the news from hundreds of miles away? And you ask, how do we stay in so much trouble, why are we so confused, why don't BP step up like the man they boast of being?

We are looking for love. Without love we cannot work it out. How does the future look, your heart and your mind?

Why do we further complicate matters? People live longer and more productive lives with less stress, good diet and proper exercise, and that ain't running around the block, like we have nothing better to do? If you have the energy to run somewhere, run an errand for a senior citizen. All this is well within our means and doesn't cost one dime. We all could live, more happy and productive lives helping each other or is it trying to get a head?

your inner

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