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If I could see the error of my ways, I would change them.

I love helping and watching things grow, and that includes me and my efforts. So in whatever way you find possible, Feel Free!

This site is "free for personal use only" information, provided to help me and those in need, especially in rural communities. Rural communities often lack in encouragement to achieve their dreams, but we suffer most as a result of economic change. We are last on the list. Who to help?

Government programs are available, but in my experience, limits flexibility and I do not know how to get them? My goal is to farm. It ain't many folks who are wanting to do that and though I understand "why", I do not understand "why not".

I firmly believe that is what is needed, not only locally but world-wide--"grow our own and share". I hear about farm bureau this and that, minority... and when I go there, it is just a waste of fuel. Now, I am out of gas, I have chosen some other ways to achieve my goal.

I have been on my own for many years and by now I guess you can sense that in my writings. I am very happy to continue my work, but sincerely appreciates any help paying the bills and growing; monetarily or in-kind., my outreach ministry is small, but has a big heart for global peace and prosperity. I am working to be a part of that action, in my own way, as I like to put it, "from the bottom up". Or is that from the "bottom of my heart". And till now my own time is provided for free and the operating costs are considerable. I have included adverts from my site's host, but so far those offset the expenses, only to a small extent.

Your help is needed and appreciated? Any contribution can help, monetarily or in-kind and will be graciously received.

For more information feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to assist.

Many thanks to those who have already supported this site.

From the bottom up,

Art Thomas
Inspiration, Spirituality and Income for Global Peace and Prosperity!

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