When life becomes too much

How does life get to be too much and you live another day?

Is it that life has gotten too much or you have overloaded yourself? There is a huge difference if you want to fix the problem.

You know we set ourselves up for failure. One of the biggest ways the the guilt trip we place on death, making it even more traumatic.A Cry for Sympathy, what good is a pity party, where you sat aside a time for feeling sorry for yourself and whining endlessly about how crappy your life is, then you move onto Poor Me Syndrome?

Is that what we call justice these days? During what we say are “the best times” why are so many “begging” for sympathy? What’s the difference between crying, begging or pleading? Just how do you plead?

Are we the biggest losers? Crying for sympathy, I don't know what to do to help calm you when these episodes occur, because you’re not hurting in any sense, but starving for attention. I call it a "sympathy" cry.

Is there a better way to get the attention you need or is it a last ditch effort to appease to your selfish ways - desperation? Will crying get you what you want? Will it ease the pain? When asked what’s wrong, you reply, “Nothing.” Do you understand how aggravating and upsetting that is?

So how do you feel to cry, just to get what you want and this is not a cry for pity or sympathy? Crocodile tears are annoying and a result of a false and insincere sense of safety and security – you are a fake.

It’s okay to cry, but make sure you have a good reason. I do know there are sick people who cannot help themselves, but that has nothing to do with “healthy human beings”. Talk about things before the boil over. The idea is to keep each other up, not down.


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