"Don't Be Discouraged” - 2007 - I adopted that theme for this year because I think this is where I am. I just want to give it all up. This is the one thing I do not need to be inorder for me to have a shot at succeeding. So as I encourage me, I hope you find something here that good for you.

This effort comes at a time when we choose to spend a dollar for a bullet, out of fear, than a dollar for food and fellowship. A time when we have taken it upon ourselves to force a standard, some truly believe as good, upon a country most have never seen nor visited.

Do we actually think we can teach, preach and achieve non violence with voilence.

I understand that sometimes there is a need for war, then there is no other choice.

Just put the shoe on the other foot. No matter how wrong you are, do you want or support beating you into submission.

There has got to be a better way...that is what we say to abusive children, husbands and wives. How can there be any exceptions.

"We will continue to invent the future through our blood and tears and through all our sadness.... We will prevail...." -- Nikki Giovanni, University Distinguished Professor, poet, activist

Especially, now that we know the truth has been compromised.

I guess we just keep killing til it makes sense and just as with past atrocities, soon we will expect them to be overcome by events and they will be our best allies.

Simply, as Christians, we are not willing nor ready to face reality and muster the courage to stand for peace for all.

Past themes and I credit these themes to making and our progress todate.

Be Prepared! - 2006

Nothing happens til I take action - 2005

This is where and how we started! Art

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