What do they mean to life?

Things and wanting them, you have to take care of things if you want them to last.

Fancy houses, utilities, boats, cars, clothes, yards, drive-ways, lots of money, material things, utilities and the likes. Our utilities are delivered right to our homes. We pay for them, whether we use them, can afford to have them or not.

Today, more things are available to man than ever before. When you think about it, people should and would be happier, healthier and bigger heart for sharing. We should not and would not need to locked down everything. When you take a look around, one can wonder, "What good have these things done us?" "What good are we doing with these things?"

Utilities--Water, Light, Gas; fuel... All started out as great contributions to aid man to live a better life. They were affordable and a big help.

Now, these things cost too much and/or in short supply, these important things. We produce enough autos for every family to have one. There are car lots on every corner, yet Transportation is still a big problem. The dollar is getting the best of us.

The question now is, "Have we done a good job, so far, with the things provided?". "These things, have they made us a better people or worse?"

Many people are still suffering because they do not have these things and many more suffer to get these things and those that have these things, suffer to keep them.

How can something coming from the earth be so expensive? We have place the greatest value upon monetary rewards. We have tricked and priced ourselves out of reason.

Things are Nice to have, when you are not afraid to share or lose them.

(((your inner


Things are only things, made to be broken,
Not to keep and cherish--
Given away, sold, thrown out.
No pain – no emotions,
Just tossed out like garbage.
What difference does it really make?
Eternity won't look back at "things"—
Only the soul of man will be looked at.
God will ask,
"Did you love me?
Did you love my children?
Did you love yourself?"
Then He will say—
"I loved you all – no matter what.
The 'things' didn't matter—
You are all that mattered—
Your precious body…a temple of mine,
Your soul – the everlasting to everlasting.
Cleansed and purified – in the Refiner's fire."--by Eileen Murray



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