Talking About People Behind Their Backs?

Catch yourself before you go too far?

Some people really like to travel. Some like rotten limbs on a tree, what benefit to the living? Will it hurt you when you fall? A dead limb on a tree? Racecars, horses, moon walks, space ships; all this in a tree now? Catch yourself before you go too far?

What kind of person does that? Are they negotiating for or against you?

Does eveything get quite when you enter the room? I used to be guilty of that and now to make sure I do not do that, yes, a reinforcer, i write down as much as I can. Sometimes, I am embarrassed, but that is another lesson learned?

If you do not confess to yourself, how can you confess to anyone else? Do you really need a Priest? Why would you need to confess to any other human being?

What if you could catch yourself before you went too far? Would you catch yourself before you hit the ground? Why don't you?

(((your inner

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