Thinking Tea Party Express!

What is there to fight about? Would you fight or kill someone over a job?

We want businesses, to hell with a job. We already know where depending on jobs will get you.

How can you take back something you never had. Stop thinking about yourselves and start thinking about how you got this land in the first place. Then, I can guarantee you that will never happen again, not in your life time. I don't care who organizes and how many guns they have.

Think on good wholesome ways to get our economy back on track. We do not want to repeat the same old mistake that got us where we are today.

Race, you do not have to hate a certain race, try helping, don’t you think that would be much more beneficial than going out and threatening innocent people just because of their race. Heck, we all are angry, but we express it differently. No good deed will go unpunished.

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