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Are we on track? Are we seeking the best true and tried principles? Are we just seeking and motivated by money? Does the need for money drive your life? Can you live without it? Once you learn what we are currently teaching, it is very difficult to live without money

Hard to resist, the greatest temptation ever, man who needs money more than me? Then, I see people who portray themselves as financial stable and they seem to be in a greater need for money more than me, well if you don't believe me, try getting them to do something without being paid. So, is my need for money real or perceived? And when I have money it never seems enough so, is there a such thing as enough or is it like like a dog chasing its own tail?

It hurts so bad to see those with so much and to turn and see even more with so little, and no one willing to share because they "worked so hard for their money". Will this attitude destroy us? Will it help us grow?

I don't know because there has to be some kind of medium of exchange but if we are so obsessed with money, it is the only means we know,,,,other than crime.

We, especially Americans, eat too much, anyway!

The subjects have already been determined. What is life?

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