I can imagine everyday you go out into a world of aliens and strangers. They are our neighbors, cities, states, countries, all in locations near and far across the universe. Now, I know I am not doing what I am suppose to in my neighborhood, and it is by no fault of mine. It is not my fault. I try to be nice to my neighbors, but they just do not accept it.

That is what I thought we did when we picked politicians. Do you trust your local politicians? What about community leaders? Be honest with yourself? Do you trust them, do you feel like they are being honest with you? What about, “They got your back”? Do you feel they have your best interest at heart or are they feeling for your pockets? Where is our strong leadership? What makes them so corrupt? That means they are weak. What about those who aid and abed them? That’s criminal isn’t it?

I mean why are Americans angry with Iraqis? Why is the church angry with sinners? Why do you feel you need to save their souls? Where do you get that power, thinking?

Whether you like me or not or whether you are in Siberia or America, we are all on the same team. Why are you fighting your team members? That is how we should be operating, but why not? Do you see anybody over here on your level? Do you think they do not see what’s really going on? You don’t think we understand? Life just doesn’t work that way. You can never let down your guard or you will be caught off guard. Who are you following? What kind of example are they setting? Have you checked your neighborhood lately? Now, you do not know anybody. Everybody here is new? Nobody knows any more or less than you, they just follow the wrong people. We choose the wrong people to follow. We put them in leadership positions and positions of great authourity and responsibility, just for what we can get in return.

Now, you don’t even know who is the most qualified? What is a republican? Are they really any different? How do they sell themselves as being any different than us? They have been taught that they are better than the United States. Which state will be the first to succeed? Which state will be the first state of the United States to high tail it out of here? We always think the impossible cannot happen? There goes our planning process? That’s why we are not prepared as a team.

I am not a follower nor am I a leader? I got my own group, I am independent? All these different groups brought us to where we are today. Now, wives are husbands, husbands are wives, children are adults, normal is perverse and we all want our rights? But we just threw prayer out the window. What do you do about that religious leaders? Is it only Art that sees this, that we are just backwards. We are literally afraid to leave our doors unlocked? Carjackings? Mothers are having to be fathers and fathers are having to be estranged. They are nowhere to be found.

Our concept of team has been severely distorted - Broken homes, crime, think about it. Now, how are we going to get out of this mess. It is no secret? The secrets are what’s getting us in trouble.

We are a team, but are we allowed to operate as a team? What happens when not? What happens when we fail to help certain team members? What happens when we allow them to make poor decisions?

When we do not operate as one big team, somebody fails to see the big picture and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link? We are all at the mercy of one man. People are fearful of challenging authority. Logic gives way to stupidity, human error and there are no checks and balances. People are depressed and feel bad. People die due to stupid mistakes or mistakes that could have been easily avoided. It's a Deadly situation.

We must begin anew the processes of working together as one big team. People need to know their roles. Roles need to be defined. How do you do that? I appeal to you ... that you be united in the same mind and the same purpose.

your inner


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