Tell Me About Yourself

Tell me about yourself.

The real question starts with "BRIEFLY" and the real answer is BRIEFLY.

Read more, write more?

Briefly, tell me a little about yourself? Listen to that question very carefully, it could make or break you.

It starts with briefly and ends with a little. Ask that question and watch us squirm.

This is absolutely the single most dreaded question to answer. It is so deadly and here are a few reasons why and how to prepare yourself.

Take job interviews, dating and networking, we learn there is a lot of camouflage out there, creating a fine line between true and false, love and hate. Then on top of that, we intentionally make it crooked to disguise our flaws. Much of what occurs because our lives are constantly changing and changing faster than we care to admit or update. Such a vague and open-ended question, who really wants to admit the bad stuff?

It is so dreadful to tell me about yourself, because we portray ourselves as who and what we want to be and the way society expects us to be, rather than who we really are in the moment.

Caught up in the glamour and glitter of life, we embellish and our mouths go on automatic until someone puts a sock in it.

Overwhelmed with fear, we know our chances of getting what we think we're in such desperate need of, would be severely jeopardized, if we didn't bullshit just a little. Then, we become so vulnerable, we do not know what to do, making it harder to get over this risky, unexpected and unorthodox answer. That’s exactly why this question works so well.

Just try it! The next time you meet someone, ask them that question. The answer will be amazing.

Due to our competitive nature within and without and an overwhelming infatuation with social media, it is so degrading to be who you are in the moment. No matter how much you prepare, you see so many better and “remembering the real me” kicks in and we start squirming like a new born baby.

At all times, you need to be ready to field this question. And as you answer, know something is wrong when start with that phony grin, pausing, stalling and fumbling; so stop, take a deep breath before you get yourself in over your head. Over your head meaning a shameful nightmare with whom to work and play. These signs would be a dead giveaway, just as bad as choosing the wrong company. When is enough an enough?

What to do to keep from drowning your own self? Be a thinker! Who wants to be around a boring person who really does not want to do anything, above collect a paycheck? You bring very little to the table and are depressing as hell, lazy, no hope and a detriment to the good of anything.

Know that personal development is an essential part of healthy growth. Think about how people know you best, start there and gradually make changes.

How well can you perform? Are you a rookie, a phony, just trying to get by for the moment or have you been preparing your whole life?

Look at yourself? What is your potential for performance? What have you done to prove that? Increased performance is the goal and your potential to meet your own performance guidelines is everything.

On a daily basis practice self-awareness and self-esteem. Remember people could care less about your answer if you don’t. Demonstrate a good since of direction in your own life. Where are all those 50/11 things getting you?

Prepare yourself, be confident, enthusiastic and passionate in all you do. Where is your can do attitude? Can we really do better with you or would you tear everything down? Do you attract or repel good?

If Hollywood made a movie about my life, it would be called: A Poor Old Dirt Farmer; Inspiring, Spiritual and Rewarding. And I can show you, instead of telling you.

Do we hire, date or network with poor old dirt farmers?


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