Tell me

Tell me what you want and I'll tell you how to get it.

Tell me what you want to do and I’ll tell you how to do it. Tell me what you want and I’ll tell you how to get it. How much more simple does it get?

Must you enroll and attend some expensive institution of higher learning to get what you need in life? Then why do we? What good does a piece of paper do you, if your heart is not in it? Your passion will drive you to do what you need, if you obey and avoid Doubting Thomas'. Who was this man and why did he doubt? He is best known for questioning... They simply do not believe.

If you wanted to be a doctor, by the age of eighteen, you could already had all the knowledge, if you were properly trained. Do you realize how many people you could have already helped? So many and much so that society would be compelled to bestow upon you the official title and medical credentials and license. Are you saying we do not recognize "true talent"?

We're working shit backwards, first we want the license, then practice. Shouldn't that be the other way around, practice and it will be a helluva lot easier to get the license?

Ever wonder why people never get shit accomplished? You ask them and they give you a long line or extraneous bullshit. How in the world can you help anyone with such vague communications? By the time they finish explaining about how they want it, you’re out of the mood to even think about giving it. Does it work like that in your life?

Limited by your own stupid ass box! The box tells you, you can't, faith tells you, you can.

You want one damn thing, but you’ve got so many blocks and ways you want it, that you never get to it and if you do, you don’t even realize it. Conditioned to doing things backwards.

What you need and want is right there under you nose, you just must figure out how to get it. No, you do not need to go anywhere; it is already there for the asking.

Let’s take this country e.g., is the land of milk and honey, yet you have no milk and no honey, why is that? Too many good for nothing things, some things you do not want to see because they discourage you and encroach upon your lifestyle. The thing with that is we have such a wide variant in acceptance levels and standards, which cause us to repulse each other. The way to resolve that is: “I will not set in front of my eyes any good for nothing thing”. Clut-clut clutter, we over-complicate our lives, putting blocks in our own way.

Now, how would you like to do it? How would you like to get it? Thinking of all the stuff you need to do to get there is depressing. Don’t discouraged, instead be encouraged. What’s the first step? Now, take it?

Deceitful words and actions corrupt and disrupt the unity of the whole - decline. Therefore, no one should be able to find corruption because everything is there for a damn good reason.

We should bear in mind each member of the whole belongs to all the others in order to remain united.

Business sense: If we want to live in peace and harmony upon this earth we must speak truth, thereby contributing to the unity of our whole world. We Americans are best in position to set that example, so what’s the problem. That is your milk and honey. Is there a more simple way for us all to get what we want? Everybody can be great. Blessed are those who have not seen.

We don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way?

Stop doubting, believe and work. Get it straight in your mind. Be prepared and you will be in position to share and Peace will be with you!

(((your inner

poor in spirit

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