Like going against the strongest tide, never say "never".

Restraining from the many temptations of our increasing materially oriented societies is like going against the strongest ocean tides. It is a constant struggle, a constant self-exam and a constant walk in faith. It is certainly easier and very tempting to go with the flow, to be swept away with the tide. You can only hope that the discipline you practice today will pay off for tomorrow. Like this website, I have not a clue, but I strongly feel, with all my errors, this website will pay off before it is too late.

Being careless brings about consequences too hard to bear—unwarranted stress is a killer.

How far is tomorrow away? Will I survive? Can I last? What will be my reward? Is it worth it?

Being that we are not perfect, there is a time and place for everything. Going against the tide is less stressful than going with. Going against the tide means everything you need comes to you, when you choose the best location. Though working with my website has been a labor of love, it has not made me fame and fortune. However, working with my website, in every other aspect of my life, I have grown tremendously and I highly recommend it for any one so inclined.

In promotion and marketing, I can lie, cheat and steal just to make a buck, but I truly believe what you give is what you get and I do not want that done to me. So that is my motivation, my inspiration to not yield to temptation. I really want what I truly deserve and if that is nothing, I will keep working until I learn to do better. That is well worth it.

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