Milledgeville Sheriff Department, Courthouse Main Entrance

Yes, I know their force has been infiltrated, their security has been compromised. And it is well worth it just to come from whatever corner of the globe you are to see her in action. You know it ain't what you do, as much as it is how? With the internet, a lot of the ignorant unprofessional incidents will get more exposure. Lack of people skills, but put in taxpaying positions to deal with the people!

Entering our courthouse, there is always something new, especially since 911 New York and Brian Nichols, Atlanta courthouse shooting--no problem. Going for advanced voting, I encountered this one white female officer, dish water blonde, I can easily see how Nichols was able to get away with what he did, due to a Double Standard. She looks to be in her twenties, early thirties. Uneducated and trashy, she is very good at making you feel like shit when she corrects you, the people who pays her to protect and serve us.

Now, I've got a remedy for that but I try not to use it. Veterans, think about it, you go eight thousand miles away to defend your country for twenty-three years to return home and can not properly enter your own hometown, rural America, back woods Georgia courthouse, all because of one dumb blonde. Well, it could be any unappreciative person as far as that goes. Our town is so small, we know everybody. We harp about soldiers fighting, but when they return home to the one dumb blonde attitude, who stayed home in the trailer park growing up, having babies and getting fat, Who and where is the real enemy? Yes, it makes you feel that way.

She is STUPID! Loud and wrong, unprofessional, a terrorist in her own rights. That is exactly what she does, terrorize good people. I am nobody special but I am good. A terrorist would just walk right by her country butt. A Brian Nichols would shoot her with her on gun. Simply because she does not know any better. No people skills, how can you know the difference between friend or foe, she is the enemy. She works on who she thinks you are. If you fit her imagine, walk on in, if not she has the nastiest way of showing it*_* I know you have seen those kind of cops. They put on a uniform and become a new person--from trailer park to wall street! A lock is no more secure than the person with the key, a chain and it weakest link? That blonde officer at the Milledgeville courthouse front doors, is quite entertaining, a world wonder. She doesn't give a damn. You should drop by and see her in action sometime. "Sworn to Protect 'the integrity' of the offices?" Best foot forward! A nice sign could save a lot of talking.

I wonder who hired her, Jon Phillip Carr, the former municipal court judge? Google his name.

"One in eight Americans go hungry".

"Zimbabwe cholera outbreak likely to continue"

"Chicago Olympics Security Concerns". One referral, Blonde, Milledgeville Sheriff Department.

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