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When you are suffering, you pray this will not last an eternity.When you are happy you pray it will. To be happy - Be cheerful, tenacious, warm. People want sincerity. Don't be empty, boring -- one must have their own life goals and plans. --

Art, 'your-inner-voice' is a superb site for readers all over the world. Whenever I find time, I visit this site and it brings sunshine to my mind.... it empowers me with knowledge. There are numberless gifted writers, whose writings I could read simply with a click of the mouse, but I find your writings to be fantastic and I am amazed with the knowledge and inspiration I receive. I myself have aspirations to become a writer but my everyday life demands other things. Through this site and your encouragement, I am having an idea of how to write. I like it's every genre. You provide me with good guidance and information about how to write a poem, a short story or what not. By visiting this site, one gets daily inspiritation and encouragement from you. Art, thank you for sharing 'your-inner-voice'. I hope to read your blogs for many years to come.-- Martha CampbellGainesville, Georgia

Art, A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him. ~ Sidney Greenberg IUDIT KOVACS, ZALAU, Romania

Mr. Art! Im so appreciated to bein in there,n for meetin as human bein as You! : ) wish You whatever You like, Im certain of the the belief of God is in everywhere,for instense into us, let us to achivin whatever we wanna. cause as far as I see, the Inner Voice is our higher one, the creatin energy such like the same as God. at least the part of Him or Her... : ) God bless You Mr. Art! Sincerly, Urban Roland

Art, I am very glad for your answer - we all learn from, as long as we live and this is all right. Look around - this is the only community website where the spring of 2011, is also paid when talking to your friends, email - so you can invite your friends to your friends. Sincerely, Helen Ilona Farkas Sandorne, Kaposvár, Hungary

i just wrote to say thanks for building my site, i got a hit from a major company to paint some of their buildings, it could lead to full time work, its a great start, will be in touch with you, the first one in macon. i am keeping you in my prayers. good luck, and i am looking out for you also, if i hear something i will contact you. Thank you so much. Jeff B, Georgia

...Every now and then!

I humbly Thank you, Art@your inner voice.com

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