The Ambassador

An unreliable messenger stumbles into trouble, but a reliable messenger brings healing.

A credible message needs a credible messenger because charisma without character is catastrophe. --Peter Kuzmic

An ambassador resides in a foreign country and yet lives on property owned by his home country.

Though the laws of that country may differ from the laws of his own, the ambassador is still responsible to uphold the laws and rules of his own government. His words and actions can never be wholly his for he does not act in his own capacity. When he speaks, he is a messenger for his government. When he acts, his deeds reflect on the country he represents.

We are ambassadors carrying His message.

I become an unreliable messenger when I speak lies, am cruel or conduct myself in a non-christian fashion and all I do will result in catastrophe.

My words and actions reflect what lives inside me, to people who never open a Bible or enter a church.

Never forget I am an ambassador with a message of hope. My Spirit empowers me to live and deliver Good News with my life and words.

Thank you for allowing me to be your ambassador.

Honest and true.

Encouraging myself and others to go out of their way to speak a kind word.

Asking Forgiveness when I have spoken without thinking.

Living so my words and conduct represent Your message -- one of love and hope.

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