The First Lie

Dishonesty is doomed

"A truthful witness does not deceive, but a false witness pours out lies."

We need to fix it as a universal rule, in our thinking, that nobody gets away with anything, anywhere, at any time, if that "anything" is dishonest or untrue.

The whole history of humanity is an annotation on this: The first lie, "You will not surely die", uttered by Satan in the Garden of Eden.

He keeps repeating that well-worn but discredited lie to every man and woman who comes into the garden.

Something dies the moment you are dishonest or fail to be a person of integrity.

Self-respect dies within you. Death begins to eat away at your heart the moment dishonesty comes in. You are not so much punished for your sin. You are punished by sin for sin.

Sin is its own punishment.

Help me grasp this simple but important fact - I am designed in my inner being for truth and honesty. Drive this truth deep into my being.

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