The War on Poverty


The War on Iraq

Beyond the power of saying you are wrong. Who is the last believer?

The War on Iraq versus The War on Poverty?

Life or death in just a matter of three or four days, depending on timing. The same bombs and bullets used to destroy the enemy have now turned on the friendly. The war on Iraq is killing the war on poverty. I mean, if we could really fix somthing, would it not be Health Care? On one side, we struggle to find resources to keep us going; while denying our enemies the freedom to do the same. How and why do we think we can wipe out or even minimize global terrorism, while terrorism of our own economy devours us from the inside out?

Homeland security defends against terrorism, but no match against poverty? What lessons have we learned from the last war? Like the Vietnamese the Iraqis will not be intimidated. Do you not believe they have proven that point? We seem to have a knack of choosing the wrong enemy at the wrong time. Tenacity and Patience versus Power and lies, therefore we can not muster a will to kill as much as they have a reason to defend from every boy we send into battle.

The enemy is not beaten but he knows we are the Goliath of the battlefield? They will not come out and fight. They will not surrender their people, their land? Why should they? Disappointment after disappointment, sending in more men to vindicate the deaths of more men; all to keep from saying, we are wrong, are not cowards, traitors nor weaklings and refusing to pull out. Now, we just want to escape with any kind of honor, but it seems all doors to honor are closed; death in three or four days, just depends on timing.

We are making progress but casualty reports dictate more boys, beans and bullets to do more killing. What a nightmare, being killed for seeing and killing terrorist everywhere. How will we ever recover, through acts of violence aimed to solve everybody’s problems? America, the last believer, how will history remember you well; beyond the power of saying you are wrong and refusing to immediately pull out?

Think, if someone is beating you, I mean people are being killed everyday, right or wrong, would not you plead for help and/or, want someone to plead on your behalf?

Killing to win makes us no different from the average terrorist, however, having the determination and courage to save lives and souls means giving room and control to God a chance and living life more abundantly.

Speaking of LIFE and PEACE, What do we want America to look like 40 years from now!

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