The Bible

Have you ever been asked if you believe in the Bible? It's amazing how some people confirm to themselves that they are saved because they believe in the Bible. Though they hardly understand a word, they base the safety and security of their lives on their belief in the Bible. There are some who literally try to interpret the bible and apply it to their daily living. Soon they learn that is impossible, ain’t happening and never will happen. They threaten you by saying you are going to hell if you don’t believe in the Bible. That’s why we have so many hypocrites. Do you know how many people are abused and/or die every day because of an interpretation from the Bible? We have taken the Bible and made it some kind of sacred works.

Well, if it was some kind of sacred work, why are we so evil? Why are we so abusive to each other? The pressure is so high, people are afraid to say how they actually feel about the Bible. The Bible is just another tool available for personal consultation. It is full of great stories and characters that make good lessons learned. However the Bible was interpreted by man, therefore; subject to the same flaws as the man who interpreted it. After talking to a Native American, this was more clear to me than ever. The very people who brought the bible to America are also the greatest offenders of the bible. They are the greatest examples of a poor example of biblical teachings. Then, what good is the Bible? It is the great pressure to say you believe. It is to say you read, understand and practice biblical teachings that nobody else practices.

Embarked upon your own spiritual path. Learn by discovering and visiting communities like yourself. Create a spiritual movement that honors all paths to God; see God as good and everywhere; and affirm the spark of Divinity in all of us. Offer a positive, practical, progressive approach to everything in life.

Learn about human rights and practice them. Give yourself credit for good character traits, born within and treat people the way you want to be treated. Look down on no person because of what you have heard and love and respect every person because it is in your heart.

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